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High Performance Coatings

Best coatings for highest standards

These are highly advanced SiO² coatings which were created to address the needs of the marine, military and aerospace sectors. They are massively resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature. They can be applied to metal, plastic, powder coated and painted substrates. The coatings can be heat cured, or cured at ambient temperature. They react with the substrates surface and forms an abrasion resistant coating with very high bonding properties on metal. It generates thin, transparent coatings with high impact strength and is resistant to alkali, abrasion and corrosion.

Comparison 640 Permanent Protect, 643 Dura Easy On

Properties 640 Permanent Protector 643 Metal Dura Easy On
Type of Polysilazan organic in+organic
After bonding arises… SiO² with organic rests pure SiO²
Temperature resistance appr. 800°C >1.000°C
Chemical binding with the surface? yes


Vitreous layer? yes yes
Hydrophobic surface? strong weak
Application on… Metals, alloys, plastics, paints, glass and stone (e.g. marble and granite) Metal, plastics, paintings, glass, stone
Application Spray, dip or polishing Spray or dip
Resistent against… Variety of mild to medium strong acids / alkalis Mild to strong acids/alkalis
Scratch and impact resistance high extreme
Corrosion and oxidation protection permanent permanent
Salt resistance according to DIN 50021
Food safe X
Weathering test mild steel, brass, copper, bronze (ISO 2810, 700h) X
CASS-Test aluminium (DIN 50021, 240h) X
Corrosion test hot dip galvanized steel (DIN 6270, 768h) X
Textile Coating

„Hybrid Nano Silica Fusion Technology“ (HNSFT) with self-healing characteristics

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The fabric industry has been searching for a replacement for PFOA based fabric coatings and now we are able to offer such a technology. Our new coating Hybrid Nano Silica Fusion Technology (HNSFT) with self-healing characteristics is a PFOA /PFOS free technology which actually out performs standard C8 fabric coatings.

It offers exceptional performance in all areas:

  • Washable up to 100 cycles
  • Stunning hydrophobicity
  • Oleophobicity rating of 8 on some fabrics
  • UV stable
  • Exceptionally durable

Hot Stuff™ Textile Coating 8685

without (left) | with (right)
Hot Stuff REM

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Concrete/Stone Coatings & Additives

Concrete-AdditiveOur concrete additives are extremely well suited as hydrophobic concrete-additive for the manufacturing of paving stones, concrete slabs and prefabricated concrete elements. They improve concretes compaction, regulates the capillary properties of the concrete and reaches a durable reduction of water absorption. The final product is protected against rising moisture. They protect the concrete against limeefflorescences and against the growth of micro-organisms in the product (moss, algae, fungus) The final concrete-product remains vapour-diffusive. They minimises sticking to the stamp and sticking to the concrete-mixer by using a highly-effective non-stick additive.

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Property 627-10 628-20
Basis Siloxan Silan
Hydrophobicity effect yes very strong
Protection against lime efflorescence yes no
Prevents concrete-sticking in concrete mixer yes no
Prevents concrete-sticking of press-plunger yes no
Capillary regulating characteristic yes yes
Vapour diffusive yes yes
Plasticising properties (reduces brittleness, less cracking) yes no
Highly stressable stabilization yes no
Extremely weather-resistant yes yes
Frost and de-icer resistant yes yes
Alcali resistant yes yes
Oleophobic yes yes
Breathable yes yes
Color deepening yes, = art. no. 627-12 no
Suitable for hermetic-presses no no
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704-5 Concrete / Stone / Wood / MDF Coating

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Graffiti Protection

Graffiti Protection 7626 is a unique one-pack, white spirit based, external coating designed to give effective protection against both graffiti and fly-poster attack and is a semi-transparent/clear liquid.

It is a permanent not a sacrificial system, allowing for repeated easy removal of any graffiti.

It has been specifically designed to minimise any alteration to the appearance of the protected surface.

Graffiti Protection 7626 can be used on concrete, render, masonry, porous stone, timber and previously painted surfaces.

The protection is for up to 20 years.

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Graffiti Remover

CCM 800 Graffiti Remover is a fast acting paint remover designed for professional and DIY use. It has a gel consistency which enables use on vertical and other less accessible areas to be treated. It works rapidly to break down the surface of most coatings allowing its removal with tools or water spray. Does not bleach the stone.

Non caustic, no neutralising required. Methylene chloride / Dichloromethane free.

Use indoors and outdoors. If use indoors make sure there is plenty of ventilation by opening doors and windows. Do not use near naked flames or in conjunction with hot air guns. No Smoking.

Product Characteristics

  • Methylene Chloride free
  • Very fast action
  • 1 litre for appr. 3m² (depends on the thickness of paint layers)
  • 5 litres can, plain tin


1 litre can remove up to 3m² of coating depending upon the number of layers / type of paint i. e. both sides of a standard door.


For wood and masonry. Metal, plastics and other substrates should be subjected to an inconspicuous test patch to determine compatibility for use before attempting larger areas.

P-OFF Urine Repellent Coating

Bruxelles_Manneken_PisSpecial nano scale coating which is highly suited to protecting stone work from urine.

Prevent of urine penetrating and damaging the stone work.

Makes cleaning a great deal easier and it also prevents lingering odour created by urine being absorbed into the stone work.

More information on request.

LiquiGlas Alu
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